About Us

Tassel and Trim, a unit of Oriental Trimmings Pvt. Ltd. is one of India's largest sellers of high quality Decorative Trimmings, Tassels and Home Furnishing Accessories. Tassel and Trim at present offers a vast range of furniture and curtain Trimmings such as Bullion Fringes, Braids, Gimps, Borders, Tassel Fringes, Pom Pom Fringes, Beaded Fringes and Decorative Cords. Tassel and Trim also sells a wide variety of Curtain Tiebacks, Tassels and Cushion Tassels. We currently supply major retailers and exporters within India and have a growing interest in our products from buyers around the World. All our products are designed and made in our factory situated in Delhi and another location in Surat (Gujarat). We currently have over 200 people working inhouse and more than 500 people working as outworkers on various components.

Our showroom situated in Nehru Place, Delhi offers a small selection of our products.

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