Tassel and Trim at present offers a vast range of furniture and curtain Trimmings such as Bullion Fringes, Braids, Gimps, Borders, Tassel Fringes, Pom Pom Fringes, Beaded Fringes and Decorative Cords. Tassel and Trim also sells a wide variety of Curtain Tiebacks, Tassels and Cushion Tassels.

Our range of products includes:

1. Curtain Tiebacks
Our range of Curtain tiebacks include Single and Double Tassel Tiebacks and Beaded Tiebacks. Read more

2. Trimmings
Our Trimming Collection includes Braids, Tassesl Fringes, Pom Pom Fringes, Bullion Fringes, Brush Fringes, Beaded Fringes, Hand Embroidered Fringes, Cords and Flanged Cords. Read more

3. Tassels
Our range of tassel includes Key Tassels (small and large), Cushion Tassels, Furniture Tassels, Xmas Tassels, Napkin Ring Tassels, Menu Card Tassels, Graduation Tassels, Flag Tassels, Bag Tassels, Holiday Tassels and many more. Read more

4. Curtain Brooches
A contemporary and trendy method to holdback curtains. We have over 200 designs in our collection. Read more

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